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1 Commitment & Leadership

1.1 Commitment

AGESCO management shall ensure that responsibilities for health, safety, and environmental issues are properly assigned, accepted, understood, and that the concept of line management responsibilities are clear on and around all AGESCO operations. AGESCO will remain committed to continuously improving and developing all areas of the operations, to remove or, at the very least, prevent all forms of risk resulting in an incident and where loss will be suffered. AGESCO line management will ensure that all policy statements are applied to all areas of operations, and where our business is at risk. All line managers, as part of their commitment to the HSE-MS success will:

  1. Demonstrate belief in policy statements.
  2. Implement internal standards, and procedures.
  3. Assist with training, and personnel development where required.
  4. Support an ever developing HSE culture.

1.2 Leadership

Leadership success will be established through line management adopting a “do as I do” strategy, and line managers will understand that good leadership will not come through a position, but through good attitude, and belief in the company HSE structure. Through a comprehensive understanding of the HSE function, visible, and tangible results will be evident. Confidence in leadership ability will be achieved through active participation in the communication process starting with crew supervisors via scheduled, and impromptu field visits, through to crew line management. During such visits operations supervisors will assist and contribute to daily toolbox meetings, weekly head of department, or operations meetings, openly discuss HSE issues with all members of staff at every given opportunity, and encourage feedback.