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2008 - AGESCO

2 Policies & Strategic Objectives (Under Review)


AGESCO corporate policies will be displayed around all operations, and in most common languages spoken on those locations. They are designed to highlight how we can best protect, the welfare of our staff, the environment we work in, and third parties who may be exposed to AGESCO operations. Adhering to the policy statements is a condition of employment, and none conformance to the policies will not be tolerated, and dealt with accordingly. Where required site specific policies will be drafted, reviewed by the crew supervisors and HSE supervisor, signed, and returned to the operation for ownership. Site specific policies may include:-

  1. Lone workers / single driver
  2. Working at heights
  3. Working in confined spaces
  4. Driving / operating during the hours of darkness

    1. Health And Safety Policy
    2. Driving Policy
    3. Environmental Policy
    4. Drugs And Alcohol

    2.2 Strategic Objectives

    Objectives will be set at the beginning of each new year, that will focus on a step by step tactic to radically reduce accidents in the work place, improve our HSE culture, promote the AGESCO profile. *Driving and injury prevention will always remain focal points.

    Other key objectives will be set to improve our environmental performance, workforce abilities and technical skills. .