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5 Plans & Strategies

5.1 Emergency Response Planning

Every AGESCO operation will have in place an emergency response plan (ERP), and will have the first review after 6 month of operation. Every effort is made to ensure that there will never be a need to put in place emergency plans, but there will always be a need to have in place such plans to cover:-

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Fire Emergencies
  • Man Lost Emergencies
  • Environmental Emergencies

    The ERP may also cover explosive emergencies, or security emergencies, these will be drafted when required. The ERP will be designed based upon a generic format released from Tripoli then on through a series of meetings, and risk evaluations to determine the best methodology to put in place to bring operations back under control. The ERP will be drafted and maintained by the site HSE-A, and endorsed by the most senior manager assigned to that location, with final copies being sent to the client and Tripoli offices. Drills must be carried out depending upon the risk factor of each emergency scenario, a camp move to a new area, a change in personnel, an in every case at least quarterly. Communication channels shall be tested on a quarterly basis and shall include links between any emergency service, AGESCO Tripoli, and the client offices / headquarters.

    5.2 HSE Plans

    Planning is imperative in allowing us to achieve our objectives and goals and keep in line with our customers’ requirements. In order to do so, we must try wherever possible to set out plans that will take into consideration new technologies, and how they will effect HSE performance, staffing, and training requirements, inspections, and approaching environments. Common plans will include a schedule for meetings, audits & inspections, ER drills, and will plan for HSE interdepartmental cross inspection / audits. A more in depth HSE-MS audit will planned for and will be conducted by members of the Tripoli support, and supported by an HSE-A from another AGESCO operation. At the onset of any contract, and during the planning phase, a complete project plan will be drawn from the generic Tripoli based manuals for crew ownership, and will incorporate other documents and manuals such as:

  • Manual of Permitted Operations
  • Preventative Maintenance Plan
  • Waste Management Plan
  • Health and Welfare Plan
  • Journey Management Plan

    5.3 Asset Integrity

    Prior to any purchase of equipment, it is essential that the equipment to be procured is fit for purpose, and complies to any industry, and / or national laws. Equipment and technology shall be maintained accordingly, through required training, and planning. Working in conjunction with any workshop manuals and records, AGSECO sites will maintain inspection records, both internal and external, retain copies of certified equipment, and plan ahead for future vehicle / equipment inspections, maintain manufacturer original specification, adhere to maintenance & care instructions, and follow storage guidelines. All safety, and emergency shut down equipment shall remain in tact, and auxiliary lifting equipment will be stored as per external guidelines. Any repair and return, or refurbishments going through the Tripoli workshop shall follow a process within the AGESCO maintenance and inspection program, that will have an auditable document trail. Any in-field modifications can only be done using a request, and with authorisation from the equipment supervisor.